Mentor / Protege Program

Strengthen Tomorrow's Workforce TODAY!


The APMP-NCA Mentorship Program is designed to engage leading proposal professionals to influence up-and-coming professionals and to provide personal guidance in a dynamic way. Mentorship events can be found on the Event Calendar.

As a mentor/mentee, your commitment is critical to the success of the program and the mutual benefit of your mentorship. Because of this, we ask that participants set aside time at least once per month to meet with your mentor/mentee. We further ask that you document your time (date, duration, main points of discussion, etc.) so APMP-NCA can accurately assess the structure, objectives, and outcomes of the program at the end of the year and also to earn CEUs.

Program Benefits:
  • Glean knowledge from experienced professionals in the field  
  • Exchange “war stories” and share lessons learned 
  • Invest in the proposal profession and help it grow  
  • Receive personal training/tips and techniques  
  • Mentors receive CEUs towards APMP certification 
  • Hone technological skills and growing trends  
  • Build relationships with others in the industry 
  • Get to know your fellow chapter members and learn of opportunities to get involved in APMP-NCA 
  • Gain different perspectives on alternate approaches 
  • Must be an active APMP Member 
  • Ability to commit 4-8 hours per month 
Application Process:
The application can be accessed online by clicking here.
Please prepare your application as thoroughly as possible. The more detail provided, the better we will be able to match mentors and mentees for an optimal learning experience. Once your application is submitted and reviewed, we will match mentors with one or more mentees and provide appropriate information about them. Selected participants will attend an APMP-NCA Meet and Greet Luncheon to kick off the program. (Of course, mentors and mentees are welcome to reach out to each other before the luncheon.)

If you have questions, please contact the program administrator, Constance Dyson.