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APMP-NCA Rocks the 2017 Bid & Proposal Con!

APMP-NCA had a strong showing at the conference, winning the Communications Award and Membership Growth Award for 2016. In addition, 13 NCA members were named 40 Under 40 award recipients!  Also, the APMP Fellows award is a lifetime achievement award. It is one of our association’s highest honors and designed to provide recognition to individuals who have made significant contributions throughout their careers to our industry.  This year two NCA members received this prestigious award: APMP-NCA Vice President and Unisys Director, Global Proposal Center, Hélène Courard; and Suzanne Jones, Senior Manager of Proposal Operations for Northrop Grumman Corporation.  Congratulations, Hélène and Suzanne! You represent our Chapter well!

Before the Awards Dinner, NCA members, including our five scholarship recipients, gathered for our annual meet-up. A great time was had by all. 

May Speaker Series:  How to Win

We would like to thank our FANTASTIC moderator and panelists for their time and participation in our most recent Speaker Series dinner.  Attendees provided great feedback about the information and discussions that were held throughout the evening.  Also, thank you to our members for attending and their continued interest in these informative events!

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2017 Member Appreciation Event

APMP-NCA would like to thank everyone who came out for what turned out to be a SUPER fun and entertaining evening of murder and mystery…not to mention a great meal!  Everyone had a blast trying to be the first to figure out who dunnit!  And while not everyone caught the right suspect, there sure were a lot of interesting and entertaining theories of what transpired throughout the night.

In addition to the food and fun, several attendees walked away with some great gifts provided by our Corporate Partners, including free webinars, a fit bit, and free attendance at our upcoming MAC, just to name a few.

The evening closed with member appreciation awards for outstanding support in 2016.  The Board recognized several volunteers and other members who made significant contribution to the Chapter last year. Those recognized were as follows:

Nicole Tripodi—Protégé Shining Star
Cheryl Howarth—Mentor Shining Star
ManTech—Corporate Partner of Year
Erin Green—Best eZine Article, 2016
Carmen Singleton—Attendance Award
Marty Williams—Most Valued Member
Candy Jenkins—Volunteer of the Year
Rebecca Link—Up and Coming Board Member 

Thank you all for helping to make NCA an outstanding Chapter of APMP!!

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