Mid-Atlantic Conference & Expo: Track Listing

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2017 MAC & Expo Track List

APMP-NCA is excited to announce the topics of this year's Mid-Atlantic Conference and Expo!  Below are the subjects for each of the tracks, along with a general description of the content of each.  Check back frequently for details and updates as specific sessions are developed and announced!

Overall Theme:  Potential: Unlimited!
Everyone wants to realize their maximum potential in whatever their chosen profession. How do you do that in the world of business development, capture management, and proposal development? The APMP-NCA 2017 MAC will help you and your organization maxmize your potential by learning from some of the top professionals in the country. The five program tracks--Technologies, Interfaces, Transitions, Creativity, and Success--are designed to inspire you, motivate you, educate you, and rejuvenate you. The sessions will provide tangible takeaways--specific tools, techniques, and practices--that you can bring back to your day-to-day work. You'll also have an opportunity to participate in a vigorous exchange of ideas with fellow BD/capture/proposal professionals. Whether you come to the conference looking for inspiration, motivation, rejuvenation, or education (or some combination), we invite you to grow, learn, and thrive with us--and make your Unlimited Potential a reality!

Track 1: Technologies
What is technology? Sociologist Read Bain writes that technology includes “. . . tools, machines, utensils, weapons, instruments, housing, clothing, communicating, and transporting devices as well as the skills by which we produce and use them.” We would add ideas, methodologies, and techniques to that list. This track examines different technologies that apply to BD/capture/proposal work: providing new thoughts, innovative ideas, or even a fresh take on familiar tools and methodologies to help you push past limits and maximize your potential.

Track 2: Interfaces
Experienced proposal writers and BD professionals recognize that different skills, techniques, and teams are applied at different times and in different proportions during business pursuits. Many professionals have written at length on the importance of creating a seamless working relationship across all phases of the BD lifecycle to make the best use of the entire team’s capability in the most efficient and effective way. However, this is typically the hardest dynamic to achieve in many companies. Sessions in this track will explore best practices, technology use, and much of the art of creating effective interfaces to maximize your potential.

Track 3: Transitions
Transition can make or break us in the business world. Whether it be successfully transitioning from the capture phase to proposal phase; transitioning from small to large; transitioning from one opportunity to the next; or transitioning from one position to another; the sessions in this track will help you identify when transition is necessary and how to successfully navigate transitions to unleash and maximize your potential.

Track 4: Creativity
Proposal work is hard; it’s usually very serious, and it’s largely intellectual and analytical. So are most conferences! It doesn’t always have to be that way, though. This track is intended to provide an opportunity for you to break out of that seriousness and do something different--and fun! The interactive and experiential sessions in this track are designed to help you develop physical, emotional, and psychological resources that enable you to maximize the potential of your creative side in doing this strenuous and challenging work.

Track 5: Success
How should we define success for ourselves? How do others define success for us? How do we achieve success? Sessions in this track explore the different kinds of success and different paths to achieving success--the very definition of maximizing our potential!