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The Association for Proposal Management Professionals National Capital Area Chapter (APMP-NCA) Mid Atlantic Conference and Expo (MAC) is the region’s flagship event for professional development for bid & proposal professionals. Approximately 250 professionals attend the event, including individuals whose primary responsibilities are business development (BD), marketing, capture, proposal, pricing, and graphics.

The APMP-NCA 2017 MAC is intended to help BD, marketing, capture, proposal, pricing, and graphics professionals and their organizations maximize their potential. The four program tracks ― Technologies, Transitions, Creativity, and Success ― are designed to inspire, motivate, educate, and rejuvenate attendees. Offerings may include traditional presentations, TED-style talks, panel discussions, or interactive sessions. Sessions will provide tangible takeaways ― specific tools, techniques, and practices ― that attendees can bring back and use in their day-to-day work. Attendees also will have an opportunity to participate in a vigorous exchange of ideas with fellow BD/capture/proposal professionals. Whether you come to the conference looking for inspiration, motivation, education, or rejuvenation (or some combination), we invite you to grow, learn, and thrive with us―and make your Unlimited Potential a reality!

The four program tracks--Technologies, Transitions, Creativity, and Success--will inspire you, motivate you, educate you, and rejuvenate you. The sessions will provide tangible takeaways--specific tools, techniques, and practices--that you can bring back to your day-to-day work. You'll also have an opportunity to participate in a vigorous exchange of ideas with fellow BD/capture/proposal professionals. Whether you come to the conference looking for inspiration, motivation, rejuvenation, or education (or a combination of the three), we invite you to grow, learn, and thrive with us!         

The APMP-NCA MAC offers informational training and networking opportunities designed to help you discover your potential and achieve breakthroughs where you once saw limitations. We are the largest gathering of BD, marketing, capture, proposal, pricing, and graphics professionals in the National Capital Area. For one full day, you network and interact with hundreds of your peers to:

  • Enhance your professional toolkit with customized, specialized training
  • Produce results based on a foundation of the latest best practice principles
  • Discover tips, lessons learned, and strategies to increase your win rates
  • Build relationships with companies and that are developing business in your target area

This conference offers training that you can use to impact your organization by adopting new practices and sharing them with your colleagues. You will: 

  • Discover new tools and methodologies that push your organization past your limits into a new realm of possibility
  • Learn how to create seamless working relationships across all phases of the business development lifecycle
  • Identify when transition is necessary and successfully navigate transitions to unleash and maximize personal and organizational potential
  • Gain new tools in using creativity and resourcefulness to generate results beyond your current view

Finally, if you’re ready to take the first step in maximizing your professional potential, prove it by joining us for the APMP Foundation Level Certification Training Class on October 12, 2017. This full-day course will train you for the Foundation exam based on the APMP Body of Knowledge (BoK). The competencies are classified into five groups: sales orientation, information research and management, planning development, and management. The course explains best practices for implementing the competencies and provides constructive exercises and practice test questions. By the time 5pm hits, you’ll have completed 1-hour multiple choice, pass/fail, 75-question open book exam and will walk out a Foundation-Level Certified professional!

You and your organization walk away with a new view of what’s available when you recognize your Potential: Unlimited!

So, what’s in it for you?

Throughout the conference, you can network and build relationships – whether your role is BD, marketing, capture, proposal, pricing, graphics, or a combination. In addition, the conference offers specific learning opportunities in 4 program tracks. Each track is designed to help you and your organization maximize your potential by building capabilities while you address specific issues that affect proposal selection, pricing, bid decisions, and win strategies.

  • Technologies –This track examines different technologies that apply to BD/capture/proposal work: providing new thoughts, innovative ideas, or even a fresh take on familiar tools and methodologies to help you push past limits and maximize your potential.
  • Transitions – Transition can make or break us in the business world. Whether it be successfully transitioning from the capture phase to proposal phase; transitioning from small to large business; transitioning from one opportunity to the next; or transitioning from one position to another; the sessions in this track will help you identify when transition is necessary and how to successfully navigate transitions to unleash and maximize your potential.
  • Creativity – Proposal work is hard; it’s usually very serious, and it’s largely intellectual and analytical. So are most conferences! It doesn’t always have to be that way, though. This track is intended to provide an opportunity to break out of that seriousness and do something different--and fun! The interactive and experiential sessions in this track will help you develop physical, emotional, and psychological resources to enable you to maximize the potential of your creative side while doing strenuous and challenging work.
  • Success – How should we define success for ourselves? How do others define success for us? How do we achieve success? Sessions in this track explore the different kinds of success and different paths to achieving success--the very definition of maximizing our potential!

Conference Tip: Customize your experience to meet your objectives. Select the programs within each track that best apply to your role or to an issue you’re working through right now! 

What’s in it for your organization?

When you attend the conference, you are a visible investment that your organization is making in the development of its workforce. The program and networking offer opportunities for your organization to:

  • Receive recognition as an organization that is fully committed to the career and skills development of its workforce
  • Meet potential partners, employees, and consultants that fill current gaps in your bidding team, or who are available to provide niche skills on demand
  • Gain insight into the latest best practice developments that streamline the business development lifecycle and results in increased probability of win
  • Discover new approaches through networking with and learning from experts who’ve set best practices or found creative solutions to challenges you may also face
  • Survey the latest tools, software, and services that enhance bid activities,
  • Reinforce the company’s brand, values, and reputation

At a ticket cost of just $275 for APMP members or $345 for Non-Members, this one-day event offers fantastic value. The first 100 early birds who secure their tickets early will get special pricing of $225 for members or $295 for non-members. Everyone gets the chance to meet the experts, network with potential peers or partners, and build individual and organizational skills.

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