Board of Directors

Meet the leaders of the APMP-NCA Chapter

Why does APMP-NCA serve the proposal management and business development community so well? Because it’s run by members from that very community. 

2017 APMP-NCA Executive Board:
President, Lisa Pafe
Vice President, Helene Courard
Treasurer, Eric Schwarz
Secretary,  Jay Carroll

Directors At Large:
Annual Events Chairpersons, Kevin Switaj & Nicole Tripodi
Annual Events Deputy Chairperson:  Carmen Singleton
Corporate Partner Program Chairperson, Anne Pyne
Event Logistics Chairperson, Sherylyn Asch
eZine Chairperson, Mary Claire Tracy
Marketing & Publicity Chairperson, Candace Jenkins
Membership Chairperson, Maryann Lesnick
Mentorship/Professional Development Chairperson, Rachel Timmerman
Special Events Chairpersons, Rebecca Link & Lindsay Hlivka
Speaker Series Chairpersons, Russell Smith & Tim O'Connor
Technology Chairperson,James Farley