APMP - NCA Events

  • May

    DIY Proposal Infographics

    Combine qualitative and quantitative information into easy-to-understand winning infographics. Explore trends and underlying psychology from around the world and apply those techniques on your next project. We will review several infographics from major organizations, identifying the tools they use to educate and promote a course of action—discussing what works and what fails the test.
  • May

    APMP-NCA Meetup in Boston!

    The APMP-NCA Chapter will be hosting a meet up immediately following the Awards Dinner at PF Changs (attached to the Sheraton), 7:30 on May 26.
  • Oct

    APMP Foundation Level Certification Training

    Mark your calendars for 10/20 for the APMP Foundation Level Certification Training day before 2016 Mid-Atlantic Conference.
  • Oct

    2016 Mid-Atlantic Conference & Expo

    Mark your calendars for 10/21 for the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Conference.
Helene C

eZine Featured Story

The Importance of Why - by Hélène Courard

It may seem tedious at first, but asking questions from the customer's point of view is a win-win practice you can't ignore. There is no more valuable tool than the objective "why?".  Assessing the offer from the client's perspective strengthens the persuasiveness of the offer.

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